• Removal Of Printing Badges
  • Remove Adhesive Transfers And Printed Twill Tape

ALLOPAR HEAT SEAL Sticker Remover is the most powerful  Heat Transfer Sticker remover manufactured. It is made for all screen print applications and heat Transfer Stickers. The ultra fast-drying formula removes ink marks and transferred Sticker quickly and does not spread. This reduces chances of ink bleeding around the cleaned area. A new “frost-reducing” additive eliminates moisture rings caused by condensation. ALLOPAR
HEAT SEAL Sticker Remover removes cured plastisol ink, water and vinyl based inks, ballpoint and marker pen inks, felt-tip marks, adhesives and more. Unlike other screen print ink removers, ALLOPAR HEAT SEAL Sticker Remover does not contain any “filler” petroleum distillates.

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