• Instant Spot RemoverDryCleaner
  • Use on Fabrics & Garments
  • Work Fast
  • Dries Instantly
  • Removes Oil, Greases, Dirt
  • Adhesives & Tar

ALLOPAR DRY CLEANER Removes Uncured plastisol screen print ink, Oil, Grease, Ink, Cosmetics,Adhesives,Tar and more. Use on Clothing, Carpets & Upholstery Works Fast, Dries Instantly Blasts Out Spots from all Fabrics DRY CLEANER In A Can! Powerful spot and stain remover for all types of industrial stains. ALLOPAR Dry Cleaner does not contain any water and is safe to use on all dry cleanable fabrics. Use on . . . Removes . . . Clothing Grease and Oil Furniture Graphite and Tar Carpets Cosmetic Stains Drapery Dirt and Grime Bedding Paint & Ink Fabric Auto Interiors Oily Food Stains Upholstery Adhesives Textiles & More.  Cleans and decreases machinery as well.

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