Allopar  is very much keen about the product quality. It’s efficient quality control team involved in pre-production inspection of fabrics, accessories, patterns and samples, they are also involved in inline-production inspection as cutting, sewing, trimming, ironing, packing, post-production inspection of assortment wise stacking, shipping mark or labeling, stuffing etc. We always Assures you a very higher AQL standard of quality and performance. Beside daily inspections by regular quality control inspectors, our qc managers conducts very frequent random inspections for each order or style along with a final inspection on prescribed form which may sent to buyer on demand and based on these report inspection certificates issued. Our infrastructure is facilitative, strengthening and supportive. Our team of professionals are highly motivated to carry out its job in a perfect manner that leads to the overall progress of the company.

Own Laboratory: Equipped with own Laboratory facilities to fulfill the buyer’s required standards like Shrinkage, Color Fastness, Rubbing/Corking, Pilling Test etc. And also Light box facility for color shade checking to lab-dip.

Prompt Communication: Our foreign correspondence team is in touch with our overseas buyers 24/7 to keep them updated.

Product outsourcing: We have the better ability to source better quality products at most competitive prices on FOB or CNF basis.

Product/Sample development: Product/Sample development: We always give the Product/sample development service to our client. An initial pre-cost estimate are giving free of charge. Any value added operations (embroidery, printing, garment dye, packaging, etc.) will require artwork, color submits, and precise definition of raw material required (hang tags, thread types, inks, etc.).

Level wise supervision: One of the many reasons why Allopar  always achieved the reliability of customers is level wise supervision. Our skilled supervisors monitor each and every level of production to ensure the highest quality output from our suppliers. We have done necessary inspection & quality control I.P.C. DUPRO & FRI on A.Q.L Standard. We warrant the entire product line. We absorb all fallout due to misprints, stains, misplacement, etc.

The process is seamless, requiring no special attention from you until the goods arrive at your receiving department