All Stain Lifter

A Deep Clean Foaming Formula

That penetrates into fabric to dissolve and lift even the toughest of stains including grease, grime, blood, food, pet stains or old marks.


Fast drying and will not leave behind unsightly water marks
Antibacterial agent disinfects and keeps fabrics hygienically clean
Excellent for both spot and large area cleaning
Suitable for all washable, colour-fast fabrics such as upholstery, carpet, sofa, chair, car seat, quilt, mattress etc.

Remove excess soil, dirt, etc. and blot up wet spills before cleaning. Shake well and spray evenly onto surface. Rub thoroughly into the fabric surface with a clean, damp cloth or brush with a soft brush. Rinse cloth/brush and repeat as necessary until clean. Stubborn stains may require additional treatments. Allow fabric to dry thoroughly. For best results, vacuum surface before and after application.
Important: Test first on a hidden area for colour fastness. Do not mix with bleach or other household cleaning products.