Premium Spot Lifter is a unique powdered aerosol stain lifter that is used primarily to remove “oily” based fabric stains. Simply spray on to a “dry” stained area and, if compressed air is available, gentle blow dry until a crusty powder appears. Then, with a forceful amount of air, blow out any removing residue. Repeat as necessary. If you do not have compressed air, simply spray a light amount onto the fabric stain and wait approximately 5-10 minutes or until a crusty powder appears. Then, with a brush, gently brush out the harmless powdery residue. Repeat as necessary also works to remove oily stains from granite and marble counter tops as well as oily stains on the garage floor. Allopar LLC offers a full line of textile stain removers as well as the dispensing equipment. Also offered are a full line of adhesive sprays as well as serene printing .

Premium Spot Lifter

CONTAIN- Pentane (CAS # 109-66-0), Cyclohexane (CAS
# 110-82-7), and Hydrocarbon propellant (CAS # 68476-
86-8) .Refer to the MSDS for further warnings. USE IN WELL
VENTILATED AREA. Preferably use with a vacuum
extraction system such as WORKHORSE OR AIR-DEVIL

Vapors are harmful to humans. Use with adequate ventilation to keep exposure levels below the recommended permissible exposure level (25ppm). Consult product MSDS for additional information regarding exposure concerns. Avoid breathing the fumes or white powder dust particles as they contain chemical cleaning products while wet, if no exhaust system is available, or if your area has poor air movement, or if your area has low ceilings, then we suggest using out-of-doors. CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. DO NOT STORE NEAR HEAT ABOVE 120F OR OPEN FLAMES

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