Solvent Cements

ALLOPAR  Low VOC solvent cements are used by contractors worldwide. Our quality products are recognized as the best products available for joining PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe and fittings. And with the most extensive product line in the industry, you can choose the product that is perfect for your application.

Allopar® cements have the widest range of high-strength, Low VOC solvent cements for every PVC application, for rigid as well as flexible PVC pipe and fittings. Low VOC cements are environmentally friendly with lower emissions and reduced odor, and they surpass the most stringent regulations.* Regular, medium, heavy and extra heavy bodied cements are specifically formulated for PVC pipe in virtually every schedule and in sizes with interference fit from 1/2″ to 30″ diameter. These products are ideal for use with potable water pressure systems, irrigation, industrial piping, sewer and DWV systems.