A Textile Screen Printing
Pallet Machine Adhesive


  • Exeptional Heat resistance
  • Long Lasting Fast Tack Will Not Transfer to Fabric Temporary or Permanent Bond  Embroidery Adhesive For decades, customers have come to us to fulfill their water-based adhesive product needs. Our unique strength comes from our custom adhesive formulation technology and our novel emulsion polymer technology. We use both natural and synthetic raw materials and the latest technology available to create products that satisfy our customers’ needs. Our global commercial, technical and manufacturing footprint enables us to deliver products tailored to the needs of every region of the world.

From industrial adhesives that are used in paper packaging, converting, laminating, labeling and hygiene markets to emulsion polymers used as building blocks for innovative products, our water-based adhesives serve a diverse range of markets. The ALLOPAR-84 Water Base ™  adhesive product lines demonstrate the use of this unique combination to offer innovative solutions. Our emulsion polymers, sold under the ALLOPAR™ trademark, are found in woodworking adhesives, paper and filter manufacturing, caulks and sealants, mortar and grout additives, paints and coatings and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

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