TEXTILE GRADE DRY SILICONE Textile Grade Dry Silicone2

  • Long Lasting Lubrication
  • Dose Not Attract Dust and Dirt
  • Medium Viscosity, Light Duty
  • Prevent Friction and Heat
  • Textiles: Non-staning  spray
  • lubricates all textile machinery.
  • Stop function and material drag.
  • Great for feeders, attachments, cutting tables, blades and other equipment that comes into contact with fabrics.
  • Furniture: Lubricant metal parts without staining. Great for door slides. Locks and joints. Stops adhesion of foam backing, foam rubber and other materials from metal, wood or other hard surfaces.
  • Machinery: Stops sticking friction an. wear, Spray into lock, onto gaskets and wherever pars come into contact with each other.
  • Automotive: Lubricates weather stripping, moldings, channels, doors, locks and car seat adjustment machanism. Makes it easier to slide metal parts.
  • Paper & Converters: Spray on paper cutters, blades, drills, dies, saws and more. Will lubricate and rustproof to prevent friction and staining. Stops glue from adhering to equipment. Industrial: Silicone in the best lubricant to prevent sticking and against all metals. Helps to stop rust and heat build up.
  • Mold Release Agent: Spray into molds to stop sticking. allows for plastics to come out cleaner.
  • Heat Sealing: Stops all plastics (i.e. Cellophane vinyl, wax, etc.) From sticking to metals. Prevents
  • carbon build up on irons, sealers and other hot surfaces.
  • Screen Printing: Stops screen from sticking to pallet when printing on cut parts. Great for use with flash cure cool down stations.

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