|A Textile Screen Printing Pallet  | Adhesive ideal For Flash Curing |

  • Exceptional Heat Resistance
  • Long Lasting Fast Tack
  • Will Not Transfer to Fabric

Super Flash Spray Adhesive are used on manual rotary screen printing presses as well as other types of presses in order to hold the garment in a fixed position during printing. Keeping the garment securely affixed to the pallet during printing will improve print quality as well as registration. In fact it is impossible to print a multi colored job without pallet adhesive to hold the shirt to the printing pallet. There are 3 basic types of Super Flash Spray Adhesive which are; spray tacks, bulk adhesives, and adhesive paper or sheets.

Which type of pallet adhesive you choose to use will really depend on the quantity of printing you are doing. For medium to high quantity printing, spray tacks are easy to use and cost effective. For very high volume printing in mass production situations a bulk adhesive will be much more economically practical. And finally for the lower end screen printer who is doing very low quantity printing, an adhesive paper roll or sheet may work just fine.

Any one of the 3 basic types of Super Flash Spray Adhesive may be used for any volume of printing. In the end it will come down to the preference of the printer and shop owner.

The following is a brief description of each of the types of screen printing Super Flash Spray Adhesive and their usages:

Aerosol Spray Tacks – These are probably the most common of all Super Flash Spray Adhesive because they are very easy to use and store. The product will last forever inside the can and may be used efficiently in low quantity printing situations as well as high quantity printing. Aerosol spray tacks are also very versatile in that they come in a few different formulas which are specifically designed for certain printing applications.

There are flash tacks designed to be used with a flash cure unit and resist heat. Spray tacks also come in a web type spray which is well suited for fleece such as hoodies or sweatshirts. The standard type of aerosol spray tack is a mist. These products most often come in a metal aerosol cans containing about 14 to 16 ounces of product. The biggest drawback is the over spray of the adhesive product in the area of usage.